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Eurocement Group has been one of the largest producers of cement on a global basis since 2002 and now ranks among top 20 of international majors.

Eurocement Holding AG is headquartered at Zurich, Switzerland. It operates 19 cement plants located in Eastern Europe and Asia to the overall
capacity of 50 mtpy, supplies cement for major construction projects in CIS and employs around 20000 people within its divers companies.

Our cutting-edge technologies and innovative services are helpful to provide the important infrastructure and to create more environmentally sound man-made habitat.

Eurocement Group brochure

Here you can find out general information about our company.


Portland cement CEM I 42.5 N

is quick-setting cement for major constructional objects and civil works

✓ It is generally used for flooring, foundations, structural walls, cottage, and high-rise constructions requiring high strength quality

✓ It has a sustainable serviceability and minimal setting-up time

✓ CEM I 42.5 N-based concrete is freeze-resisting and highly reputable for winter concrete constructions

Certificates and Documents

Portland cement CEM II/A-S 32.5 N

is fast-setting cement for all concrete and reinforced precast-concrete monolithic constructions

✓ Mainly it is suitable for concretes and mortars, for mass concrete of gravity structure, and for concrete and reinforced precast-concrete monolithic constructions (including hydraulic constructions in fresh water)

✓ It is ecologically-friendly

✓ It has high corrosion resistance, prefect water-resisting properties, improved growth kinetics of durability, and reduced efflorescence on the surface of products

Certificates and Documents


Eurocement Group is pleased to offer a number of packages

Bags (25kg)

Water-resistant 25-kg-bags are placed on pallets without wooden slats wrapped in a thermocontractable film. They contain three layers of paper and a polyethylene leaf between each of them.

Advantages of our bag (25 kg):

  • Ensures goods’ safety in transit;
  • Has an improved storage life of cement for 6 months and over;
  • Offers the possibility to keep products in the open air;
  • Has a FSC certificate
  • Doesn’t require usage of wooden slats for pallets



Big Bags (1000kg)

Flexible intermediate bulk containers “Big Bags” holding up to 1000 kg are made of polypropylene tubular fabric and include two lifting strops and polyethylene liner.

Advantages of our Big bag (1000 kg):

  • Fits to any means of transportation (including cargo operations)
  • Suitable for storage (including keeping outdoors)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Has passed successfully all UN and European tests
  • Produced according to non-suture technology


Intermediate flexible bulk FBC container of new generation, MK-14-10 holding up to 14 tons is unique to its durability, capacity and deployment characteristics.

Advantages of MK-14-10:

  • Constitutes a patented reusable multimodal storage unit
  • Available to be transported in the open air by wagons, barges, auto transport, on hatches of holds
  • No need in intermediate silo in port or at site
  • Moister Resistant
  • Resistant to a temperature of +100ᵒC



Why is it really convenient to work with Eurocement Group?

Eurocement Group offers the most competitive prices for customers

Our product is certified and tested to agree with the requirements
of European cement standard EN 197-1

Our cements are made with the use of the most leading-edge and energy-saving technologies

The company offers various types of packages beginning from 25 and 1000 kg bags on out to flexible containers of new generation

Our cement production capacity of 50 mtpy can meet all needs of customers

Eurocement Group supplies the best possible logistical capability


We are open to your suggestions


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